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Welcome to a year of learning, smiling, exploring, encouraging, embracing challenges, and goal-setting.

Credentials: National Board Certified, with a Masters in Instructional Leadership from the University of Washington

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Our informational unit is finished, so we are taking a short break to do some creative writing.  This week students will write journal entries as if they are mushers on the iditarod.  They are practicing incorporating creative writing techniques like mood, similes, and personification.   


This month we are engaging in reading groups that center around iditarod race.   Students are reading stories about survival, dogsled racing, and the Alaskan wilderness.   Our main reading lessons are focusing on how to write concise summaries.  Currently students are working on writing the main idea of smaller sections, and working these into a summary.    


Our 3rd unit dives into multiplication and division algorithms and story problems, and is our most extensive unit of the year.  Your child can refresh on their multiplication table facts by using the links on my class connect website. We cover double-digit multiplication as well as long division.