• Jamelia Alnajjar
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  • LaShae Lee, Principal

    LaShae Lee, Principal

    "Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or self confidence" ~ Robert Frost
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  • Matthew S. Harvey

    Matthew S. Harvey

    We are people of the world.
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  • Mr. Bowden's group
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  • Mr. Byars's Health Science Site

    Mr. Byars's Health Science Site

    This site will be used for all of Mr. Byars' Fitness and Health classes at Echo Glen School.
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  • Mrs. Armstrong's Site

    Mrs. Armstrong's Site

    Welcome to my class website! Here you will find my classroom syllabi, classroom expectations, upcoming events, and current class assignments. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me.
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  • Mrs. Cleland's Site

    Mrs. Cleland's Site

    Welcome to Mrs. Cleland's site at Echo Glen. Here you will find class expectations, daily / monthly schedule, how to contact me, weekly work, and much much more.
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  • Mrs. McBee's Site

    Mrs. McBee's Site

    This is for basic information about our classroom for guardians.
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  • Ms. Barry's Site

    Ms. Barry's Site

    This site will have classroom information for guardians.
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  • Ms. Baxter's Site

    Ms. Baxter's Site

    This site will have general classroom information.
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  • Ms. Keegan's Library Site

    Ms. Keegan's Library Site

    "Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they're yours." ~ taken from Richard Bach's Illusions... Please keep reading...it simply makes you smarter!
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  • Ms. Russell's Site

    Ms. Russell's Site

    Smile and be happy.
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  • Ms. Schopen

    Ms. Schopen

    Math Special Education Teacher. Only one of a great team.
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  • Ms. Shober's group
  • Ms. Smelcer's Site

    Ms. Smelcer's Site

    Echo Glen is the best place to work with kids. Never a dull moment, everyday is a surprise, beautiful surroundings and great people to work with. What more could a person ask for?
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  • Ms. Warner's Site

    Ms. Warner's Site

    This site is designed let people know exactly what periods of history and what levels are being taught each quarter.
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  • Victoria Mott's Group
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