English Syllabus

English Syllabus                                                   2018-2019


 Ms. Shober

(425) 831-2677   Room 25

Class Objective:   This course centers on increasing communication skills through reading, writing, speaking, listening, and the study of the English language. Each student will follow an individualized course plan, aligning appropriate Common Core State Standards (CCSS) to increase individual growth and rigor.


  • Odyssey Ware
  • Individual Reading Level Assessment (IRLA) framework and toolkits.
  • Various novels, non-fiction articles, informational text.

 Course Goals:

  • Read and comprehend literature and informational text building in complexity.
  • Write routinely over varied time frames for multiple purposes, tasks and audiences.
  • Engage in a range of collaborative discussions on various topics and texts to share knowledge and experiences, building upon one another’s ideas, and referring to the text for support.
  • Demonstrate command of the conventions of Standard English including grammar, usage, and mechanics while learning ways to use language to convey meaning effectively.
  • Determine/clarify meaning of words encountered through listening, reading, and use.


 Overall class grades are based on the following:

           Participation and Collaboration                               20% of grade

          Daily Work (In-Class/Odyssey)                               50% of grade

          Quizzes and Tests                                                    20% of grade

          Homework                                                              10% of grade

Classroom Expectations

EXPECTATIONS – 2018/2019

These expectations are designed to ensure a safe and effective learning environment for all students. Expectations are calculated as daily behavior points used to encourage positive behavior.

Expectation #1: Positive Attitude

  • No negative comments, swearing, or crude talk
  • No put-downs of self or others (NO BULLYING)

Expectation #2: Ready and Willing to Work

  • Enter room quietly and sit in assigned seat.
  • Come to class prepared and with all materials.
  • Sit with face, knees, and body facing forward.
    • Back straight in chair
    • Feet on floor
    • Hands above disk At All Times
    • Eyes on instructor, and Ears listening.
  • Review daily schedule and begin task on desk, in folder, or on whiteboard.
  • Be an ACTIVE LISTENER and pay close attention to instructions, raise hands to ask for clarification
  • Begin task when directed to begin and stop task when directed to stop

Expectation #3: Respect

  • No harassment of any kind to anyone - WE are here to learn! Be respectful of the learning environment
  • No war-stories, gossip, whispering, or cottage issues discussed in class
  • Politely disagree with an adult in private – do not argue with adult in class

Expectation #4: Follow Classroom, School, and Campus Rules and Procedures

  • Do not visit with or approach staff without teacher permission
  • Follow directives given by adults
  • All work (Including Absent Work) must be turned in to pass the class
  • No gang reference or tagging (drawing on any school materials)
  • No AWOL talk
  • Personal items allowed However Can be Confiscated if Causing Distractions!
  • Keep your shoes on your feet

Expectation #5: Side-Talking or Disrupting

  • Raise your hand for permission to talk or leave your seat
  • Use indoor voice; do not yell at anyone in class. Level 1 and 2 voices

Computer Expectations: Use computers respectfully

  • Only Access internet sites approved by the teacher
  • Only access your folders and your documents
  • You must ask to print
  • Stay facing your own computer space, feet on the floor, do not lean into another’s workspace

Make the MOST of Your Time in Class