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Remote ELL Services 2020-2021 School Year

Please see clever for links to zoom classrooms.

Online Learning Supports

Click on the image below to get to each educational website!  

Students will access all online learning through Clever.

Parent and Student Clever Tutorial

Student Log in: First 4 letters of last name, first 3 letters of first name, two-digit high school graduation year

Password: Student ID (Can be found on Skyward Family Access)

Newsela provides many news articles at different levels for students! I recommend this site for grades 3-5. 

Unite for Literacy has a library of books that can be read aloud to students. Books can also be read in various languages. I recommend students listen to and read the book in English and also in their home language to make connections. Books are mostly suited for grades K-2. 

Tumble Book Library has a great library of free online books for students in all grades!

Starfall is great for our learners who are learning to read! 

The King County Library System Website has free access to local library for Ebooks, Audiobooks, Digital magazines and library database. 

User Name: 4 1 1 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (7 digit Student ID number)

PIN/Passcode: _ _ _ _ (Last 4 digits of Student ID)