For students in attendance today, there is no new homework.  There are still some outstanding science fair projects that need to be turned in.  They can be shared via e-mail or through students' Office365 accounts.

For students who are absent, we covered....

*1 hour of research on subtopic (of student's choice) in Social Studies.  This is roughly 4 pages of notes.

* Students learned about the importance of where, when, and who in research

* 30 - 40 minute Virtual Field trip of Lewis and Clark, while taking notes on forts and the area; discussion followed.

* Students learned about how to use your notes to write and interpret information without just listing facts

*1 hour of solid writing on our research.  Students wrote about the five major causes of Westward Expansion in their Book Creator

            - Manifest Destiny

            - Louisiana Purchase

            - Fur Traders / Forts

            - Lewis and Clark

            - Homestead Act

* Students played Silent Ball to practice self-control, handing disappointment, etc.related to Social-Emotional Goals for the week.  We discussed how to solve conflicts.

* Students showed understanding of math concepts covered in Lessons 22 - 25 through their morning work

* Students were able to continue our Oregon Trail Simulation and have advanced on the trail with their Fate Cards studying the Platte River

* Students also had library today, cleaned and organized their areas/materials, and were part of an interactive read aloud on the Iron Horse - Transcontinental Railroad