Students in Attendance:
Finish Homework 25 and 26 for math
Finish Wordly Wise 11 A and B

Students absent:
Today, you missed...
1) Module 4, Lesson 26 Problem Set and Homework
2) How to prioritize note-taking and conducted 40 minutes of research
3) Instruction on the Gold Rush in Social Studies
4) Analyzed Primary Documents on the Gold Rush and took class notes
5) Writing time to work on the Causes of Westward Expansion - Book due on Friday
6) Wordly Wise 11 Introduction; Parts A and B assigned
7) Grammar Week 13 Day 1
8) Review of Math Lesson 25 models
9) Music time to show mastery of songs for belt advancement; you may reach out to Ms. Caulton on how you could submit videos of your songs
10) Read-Aloud from the book Flipped History of Westward Expansion
11) Discussion about Science Fair
12) Exit Tickets for Math Lessons 24 and 25