Weekly Schedules

Please refer to my Virtual Classroom.

Second grade homework expectation is that students are working for 20 minutes on one (or more) of the following items each night.  It is your choice how you spend your time. Homework is not graded and is optional to turn back in. 

  • Reading ~ This one is VERY important! Please try to do 10-15 minutes of this EVERY DAY.
  • Math ~ Please work for 5-20 minutes on any combination of the following activities.
    • Zearn.org   (Login through Clever)
    • Xtramath.org (Login through Clever)
    • Eureka Math Student Homework Pages (This link will give you access to the homework for each of our math modules. These pages directly correlate to what we are learning in class.) I will be sending home math homework a few days a week that I pull directly from this link.
** Please note**  Incomplete classwork may be sent home to finish that night. It should be returned to school the following day.

The District has a new online volunteer application/background check process. Please check out the link on the "Helpful links" section of my website to complete the application process if you haven't already done so. You will need to complete the volunteer application process prior to volunteering.