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Vision Statement: The Counseling Program at Endeavour Elementary inspires students to BE their best and truest selves while also DOING their best both academically and socio-emotionally by working hard, knowing emotional regulation skills, and being self-aware, kind, inclusive, and curious about others. The counseling department helps create and support a school climate where students feel connected to their own personal goals, and to both peers and staff.

Mission Statement: Our school's counseling program mission encourages students to "Endeavour to do their best" in the realms of academics, socio-emotional skills, and college/career readiness. Students will learn practical skills to do so via classroom guidance lessons, small group activities, and/or 1:1 solution-focused sessions. These supports will help create and strengthen students' educational foundations to be individually successful while also positively contributing to others and their community.

A helpful website to find an outside therapist:


I have taught all our Endeavour Jaguars all about "The Zones of Regulation." The Zones program is designed to encourage students to become more self-aware and more independent in regulating their emotions.

The Four Colors are BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, & RED.

K, 1st, & 2nd grade ZONES Strategies to get back into the Green Zone  


3rd, 4th, & 5th grade ZONES Strategies to get back into the Green Zone  

ZONES STRATEGIES Intermediate.pptx



Ways to Solve Small Problems (compared to big problems where students need an adult to help):

The role of a Certified School Counselor vs. the role of a Licensed Mental Health Counselor:

  • The modern-day School Counselor is a leader in the school.  He or she advocates for student’s academic, career, and personal/social success through the development of a comprehensive and culturally-relevant school counseling program.  School Counselors deliver structured classroom lessons to achieve developmentally appropriate competencies (e.g., knowledge of graduation requirements, bullying prevention, or raising self esteem).  They also meet with students on an individual basis to plan and/or discuss academic work, career objectives, or personal needs (e.g., working on four-year plans, completing a career interest inventory, or participating in short-term counseling).  Finally, School Counselors provide responsive services such as group counseling, consultations with students, building professionals, and community agencies, and make referrals to other school or outside services.

  • Licensed Mental Health Counselors are focused on the promotion of mental health through a strengths–based wellness model combining knowledge of human development and sociocultural context with the biopsychosocial model, to develop the best strategy for client growth.  They assist individuals with situational difficulties as well as with serious mental health issues.  LMHCs  assess, evaluate, treat and ameliorate mental health problems and provide counseling and psychotherapy to individuals, groups, couples or families. They use assessment instruments as necessary to assess and treat dysfunctions and develop treatment plans.  LMHCs may address a variety of issues, including parenting or career skills, problems in functioning and communication between family members and/or couples, the prevention and treatment of alcohol and substance abuse, and the treatment of conditions that include, but are not limited to disorders of mood, personality, adjustment, or behavior.

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