Dear families - Below you will find weekly resources to support your family during this time around structuring your time at home, social emotional learning at home, and mindfulness activities. 

1. If you need support with laptops, food, or other needs click the Issaquah School District Resources webpage here: HERE

2. Here is a great comprehensive list of all types of Resources from Swedish! :) /cfs-file/__key/widgetcontainerfiles/3fc3f82483d14ec485ef92e206116d49-g-EHv0lD8i60_2D00_KzURG4QEn6A-page-0schoolclosureresources/Support-for-students-3_2D00_2020-_2800_1_2900_.docx

3. Here's a file specifically about COVID19 and the emotional reactions some of us are having in response to the pandemic: /cfs-file/__key/widgetcontainerfiles/3fc3f82483d14ec485ef92e206116d49-g-EHv0lD8i60_2D00_KzURG4QEn6A-page-0schoolclosureresources/COVID-as-Grief-and-Ways-to-Cope.docx

If you would like something specific that is not listed here on my website, please reach out to me personally at: 

Your School Counselor and PBSES Coach are available to support you! 

Myself--Hillary Harris (School Counselor) and my wonderful teammate Ashley Dunn (PBSES – "Positive Behavior and Social Emotional Intervention and Supports" coach) are here to support kids and parents during the school closures. We will each post weekly resources and ideas to their websites.  Our weekly plan is below... with the actual weekly resources below that (the most recent week's resources will be on top)

Week 1 

Expectations and Routines + Resources During Closure 

Week 2  

Emotional Support During Difficult Times + Mindfulness 

Week 3 

Managing Screen Time + Alternatives to Screen Time 

Week 4  

Art Therapy with a mini Zones of Regulation lesson :)

Week 5  

Kindness to Self and Knowing Support Network 

Week 6  

Growth Mindset 

Feel free to contact me (Hillary) or Ashley for any specific supports or questions you might have. If you are unsure who to contact, feel free to include both of us on an email. 

Hillary Harris – 


Ashley Dunn –



This resource is a non-stop shop for all things Covid-19 ELEMENTARY COUNSELING related :)

WEEK 5 ☼

Interactive Video Lesson: Happy Support Flower!