to Ms. Reed's First Grade Class! 

Essential New Learning This Week

Here is where you can find the essential standards that we will be covering each week starting April 20th through the rest of the school year. We hope this will provide your child with the skills they need in preparation for second grade next year. Please visit Seesaw through Clever to access videos and assignments. Student engagement time is 45 minutes per day for 1st graders (15 minutes for each subject/lesson). Extra reading, writing, or math practice time is included, and is not part of the 15 minute online lessons. Please reach out if you have questions.


Math Application Problems and Problem Set Pages for Mod. 4:

Module 4 Application Journal.pdf

 Eureka Math Module 4 Problem Sets.pdf

Module 6- Problem Set Pages.pdf

Module 6 Sprints, Exit Tickets, and Fluency.pdf

Comic template.pdf

Week 1 - Apr. 20-24  Week 1 Apr 20-24.docx

Week 2 - Apr. 27-May 1 1st Grade New Learning Plan Week 2.pdf

Week 3 - May 4-8 1st Grade ENLs Week 3 May 4-8.docx

Week 4 - May 11-15 1st Grade Learning Plan Week 4 May 11-15.docx

Week 5 - May 18 - 22 1st Grade Learning Plan Week 5 May 18-22.docx

Week 6 - May 26 - 29 1st Grade New Learning Plan Week 6.pdf

Week 7 - Jun. 1 - 5  1st Grade New Learning Plan Week 7.pdf

Week 8 - Jun. 8-12 1st Grade New Learning Plan Week 8.pdf

Week 9 - Jun. 15-19 1st Grade New Learning Plan Week 9.docx

Working at Home (March 16th-April 10th)

Here are some OPTIONAL home learning choices for kids while they are out of school:

  • If your child has access to a computer, they can go on multiple apps via Clever
    •   Zearn levels have been updated for the new module/level your child is at.
    •   Brainpop Jr. has many subjects, videos and activities.
    •  Seesaw is our interactive class platform where I will post read alouds, videos, and other activities that kids can respond to. I will post a few different ones a week relating to reviewed content kids have already learned. Like our choice homework, as a family, you can decide how many your child can do.

      Learning Options on Seesaw this week under Activities tab:

  • Students have brought home their Module 3 (Measurement) and Module 5 (Geometry) math books. If you have created an account for our math series, you can access sprints, homework pages, and lessons here:
  • Journal writing and/or Freewrite Any type of writing in encouraged. (Aim for 30 minutes a day)
  • Most importantly, read, read, read! (Aim for 30 minutes a day)
  • ISD Emergency Education Learning Resources

Counselor and PBSES Support Resources

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Ashley Dunn-

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