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Whether at home or at school, it is always good to catch up on the latest books at the Endeavour Library.        Click on the link above to access the library catalog and find your next great book to read!

Library Updates:

Hello Endeavour Jaguars! 

I really miss seeing you in the library each week. I hope you have enjoyed some of the sunshine, are staying safe and of course have some good books to read I will be sending weekly updates in an email but also wanted to let you know of activities and websites that are still available on my library homepage. By clicking on the "Endeavour Library Catalog" link above, students will have an easy access point to many of the websites they enjoy in the library like:

Epic Digital Books

Breakout Games


Hour of Code Games

Students can also still access their Destiny Quest accounts and send book recommendations to friends. A great way to stay in touch but also practice social distancing! Please feel free to bookmark my library homepage if your child has interest in these websites.

Leah Skosky

Endeavour Librarian

Endeavour Library Schedule 2019-2020 (click to enlarge)

Sasquatch Reading Challenge for 4th and 5th grade

Sasquatch Reading Challenge for 4th and 5th grade

Fourth and Fifth graders will have the option of participating in the Sasquatch Reading Award challenge.  Washington State librarians have selected 12 fantastic books for students to read.  Anyone who reads any 2 of the books is eligible to vote, and the winner will be announced later next Spring.  As a challenge to the Endeavour 4th and 5th graders, I have invited students to read as many as they can.  Any student who has read 10 out of the 12 (and who has answered brief questions about each book) will be eligible to pick out a book to keep! 


At the Endeavour Library, all students come to the library for 30 minutes each week.

Kindergarteners will start with 2 books, but will eventually be allowed to have 3 books checked out at a time.

1st graders are allowed to have 3 books checked out at a time.

2nd - 5th graders are encouraged to check out what they NEED.

Students are asked to be respectful of other students and return their books in a timely manner.  If a student has excessive overdue books, checkout may be limited.

Exceptions to the book limit:  students' own birthday book club donations, Award books and books that students have put on hold that have become available.

*Please remember that the library is always open in the morning from 9:00 AM on.  If your child has "saved" books because they forgot all their books on their library day, they are welcome to come return their old books and get their "saved" books (which will be held until the next day from their library day.)  Any student who would like to get new books is welcome in the morning!*


The Endeavour Library could not run as smoothly as it does without the help of our fantastic volunteers!  If you are interested, please contact Amanda Bartley the PTSA Volunteer Coordinator. She is organizing the schedule and training sessions.

Volunteering in the library involves checking books in and out, and shelving.  It's crucial to attend a training session if you have not worked in the Endeavour Library before.

Click on the PDF file below for information and a "How To" Guide on volunteering in the library.

Library Volunteer Info.pdf

Volunteers must past a background check EVERY YEAR. Please see the Endeavour website for links and more information.

For our veteran volunteers, we are hoping to see you back here soon! 

Thank you so much for your interest in helping make the Endeavour Library a special place for our students.

Partnership with King County Library = more resources for our students!

KCLS has partnered with the Issaquah School District to provide access to many fantastic (free!) resources for all students.

Even if your child and/or you already have your own library account, KCLS has created a new account for each student.  During library time, students will be taught about some of the fantastic resources that KCLS has made easily accessible.

KCLS Student Account Access

Birthday Book Club

Many families have been asking me about the Birthday Book Club - here is a link to the PTSA website where you can find out how to participate.  Thanks so much for your interest - it really is a lovely way to recognize your child's special day, and to help our library grow.

Please do take into account that there is a fair amount of processing time due to the custom bookplate as well as regular library processing.  It is helpful to arrange for the book early - please just contact me with your child's actual birthday and the presentation of the book can happen as close to that date as possible.

Endeavour PTSA Birthday Book Club

ISF Grant again!

Due to the generosity of the ISF, we now have an enhanced collection of books that promote diversity.  These books were selected to appeal to all students so every person could "find" themselves in one of our library books. Student response to some of the new titles has been overwhelmingly positive.    Thanks to the Issaquah Schools Foundation for this fantastic grant!