This Month in the Music Room

December News from the Music Room!

Here's what we are working on this month:

  • First Grade:
    • pitch (sol and mi)
    • dynamics (loud and soft)
    • tempo (fast and slow)
    • rhythm (quarter note and eighth note)
    • simple bordun (accompaniment on Xylophone)
    • Simple instrument arrangements (singing, xylophones, small percussion)
    • locomotor and non-locomotor movement
    • Holiday music
  • Second Grade:
    • rhythm (half note and half rest)
    • melody (Do-mi-sol-la)
    • Form (AB, ABA, rondo, verse/refrain)
    • Concert Preparation
    • Singing in tune with others
    • Vocal Technique
    • Holiday music
  • Third Grade
    • improvisation on xylophone
    • sixteenth note
    • crossover bordun
    • pentatonic melody
    • Simple instrument arrangements (singing, xylophones)
    • American folk song
    • Holiday music
Music Class Information

Welcome to Mr. Dunham's Music Classroom!

All students at Grand Ridge receive regular music instruction. In the classroom setting, students sing, play a variety of instruments and move in order to better understand musical elements such as rhythm, melody, harmony, expressive elements, and timbre.

Program Expectations


Contact info

Bret Dunham 

Grand Ridge Music (Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri)

Grade 1 (all classes), Grade 2 (all classes), Grade 3 (Elmer, Frost, and Gabica)

(425) 837-7980


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