Remote Learning Updates

Update - June 8

New Lesson

Since we are approaching the end of the school year, I thought it would be fun to do something a little different with this week’s music lesson. The lesson this week allows the students the opportunity to create music using a tool called “QBackBeat Lite.” Students will have the option of submitting their work to me, if they would like. Due to the quirky nature of Quaver’s website, I’ve had to split this week’s lesson into two assignments:

  • 1st assignment: Find “June 8-12 Creating Music” from the assignments menu. This assignment includes two instructional videos. In the first video, I demonstrate how to use “QBackbeat Lite.” In the second video, I demonstrate how to save work and submit when finished.
  • 2nd assignment: Find “Submit a QBackBeat Lite Creative” from the assignments menu. This is the creative tool students can complete.

All music lessons can be accessed using Quaver Music!  

Quaver Music can be accessed by logging into Clever.

Submitting Lessons in Quaver

Some students have asked why Quaver lessons haven’t shown as completed, even after they have finished the entire lesson. Once a lesson is submitted, it changes the color of the lesson from red to either green or yellow. This can be done by completing the “Exit Ticket” portion of the lesson, by clicking the arrow after each question, then clicking on submit. See below for a short video that explains this process: