I am the School Psychologist for Grand Ridge Elementary and Briarwood Elementary. As a School Psychologist, I support students by consulting with teachers and other team members to help them provide what students need to be successful academically and socially and by conducting evaluations to determine whether students require special education services. 


     Mondays: Briarwood (425-837-5039)

     Tuesdays:  Briarwood (425-837-5039)

     Wednesdays: Alternating between Grande Ridge and Briarwood

     Thursdays: Grand Ridge (425-837-7932)

     Fridays: Grand Ridge (425-837-7932)

If you have questions about special education and the process of determining eligibility, please feel free to contact me. Some general information on the purpose of special education services and the eligibility process is also provided in the following document:

Special Education: A Basic Guide for Parents