Classroom Expections

Created to foster a positive learning environment for all children...

Make GRAND choices:

    Be Safe
    Be Responsible
    Be Respectful
    Help to solve problems
    Always do your best

I am a safe, responsible, respectful grizzly.
I have greatness inside of me.
I will use my greatness to solve problems,
and make good choices,
to be the best me I can be!

Safety First


  • Athletic shoes with laces or velcro
  • Toes and heels completely covered
  • Sandals, boots, slippers and heeled shoes are considered unsafe


  • Appropriate for a school setting
  • Suitable for physical activity and movement

Parent or Doctor notes
In the event your child is not able to participate or requires limited activity in PE, PLEASE send a note documenting the injury, illness or concern as well as the timeframe for re-entering class activities.

Curriculum of the Month


  • Start up Classroom Procedures
  • PE Expectations and Safety
  • Cooperative grouping activities
  • Fundamental movement skills
  • Playground activities


  • Jump roping skills (2nd grade)
  • Tossing and Catching
  • Fundamental Movement Activities
  • Foot dribbling
  • Movement video day


  • Overhand Throwing (2nd grade)
  • Jump Roping skills (1st grade)
  • Component of Fitness written assessment (1st grade)
  • Team Throwing games


  • Throwing games continued
  • Circuit Training
  • Obstacle Course


  • Bowling Unit
  • Station work
  • Relay activities


  • Underhand Tossing (1st grade)
  • Nutrition Unit