Classroom Happenings:

We had a wonderful week in 2nd grade!  Ask me about...

Literacy: Why is it important to wonder/ask questions while you read?  What were some wonderings you had about Beatrix Potter? Were you able to answer your wonderings?  If so, what were the answers? What evidence from the text helped you answer your wonderings?

Writing: Tell me about the introduction and conclusion in your information book.  What information did you need to include? How did you hook the reader’s attention in your introduction?

Social Studies: Tell me about the advertisement you created for your business.  What did you include in your advertisement?  Why did you choose to include that information? What is the name of your business?  Does your business sell a good, provide a service, or both? What does service mean?

Math: From Module 4, what is one thing you can do really well? Give me an example.  What is one thing you would like to still work on?  Why do you still want to work on this?


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