Hello and Welcome to Orchestra!

We are proud in the Issaquah School District to be able to offer an orchestra program that serves students who want to pursue orchestra as a hobby as well as the serious music student with higher ambitions. The Orchestra 1 class is Greenwood Orchestra and is for any student who has played a string instruments for more than three years. Chamber Strings (level 1.5, established 2018-2019) is by audition only and is for the student seeking further musical challenges. Evergreen Philharmonic (level 2) is an audition only honors orchestra for all instruments and is for the highly motivated musician.

****NEW: Auditions are due by the Friday before February break at 11PM. Late submissions will not be heard, please do not wait until the last moment to submit.   

String players please follow this link to audition materials: http://wmea.org/Content/C117/2020/2020HSStringsFinal.pdf

Wind and percussion players please follow this link to audition materials: http://wmea.org/Content/C117/2020/2020HSWindsAndPercussionmini.pdf

Leah Weitzsacker, director, would be happy to answer any questions you might have. She can be most easily reached at: 


Please also check my Weebly website at http://weitzsackerl.weebly.com/

for information about Greenwood, Chamber Strings.