You will be allowed to make up points only if your director has prior knowledge that you cannot be there, and the reason is either personal illness or a family emergency. If you become ill prior to a concert, have a parent call so that adjustments can be made. This is important to your stand partner, your section, and the entire orchestra. You will certainly be missed, but if we can plan ahead, we can minimize the impact on everyone else. In the event of illness or emergency, please call your director right away. See the Faculty listing for phone numbers.

If you have a prior commitment (family vacation, award ceremony, athletic contest, etc.), you must give 10 days notice of your intended absence. At that time a decision will be made as to whether any of the points can be made up. Do not ask to make up points that are lost due to poor planning or inattention to the calendar.

Obviously, situations will arise that cannot be anticipated by any attendance policy. We are all busy, involved people, and that is good. If a situation comes up that needs further discussion or consideration, please make arrangements with your director to talk about the problem in advance. Concerts are more successful if there is as much consistency as we can manage between rehearsals and performances. However, we are human, and while trying to adhere to a consistent and fair attendance policy, there must be a way to accommodate unusual or emergency situations. These can be dealt with if we communicate fully as far in advance as possible.

The possible reductions in your grade for after-school rehearsals are as follows. "Late" is relative to the moment when tuning begins. At that time you should be in your seat, with your instrument and music, and ready to tune.

1 - 10 minutes late 10% off
11 - 20 minutes late 20% off
Over 20 minutes late 40% off
Not having your music 15% off