Frequently asked questions and troubleshooting tips for CHARMS playing tests.

I can't see the recording tool.  All I see is the instructions and a white screen.

The Recording Tool in Charms needs some extra components installed. When using the recording studio for the first time, you must accept and install these tools. If you rejected them, you will just get a blank screen. To try again, log out of charms, then close and restart your browser. When you return to the recording screen, hopefully you should get prompted to install 3 components. Accept and install all three.  If you are not prompted, your browser may be either set to always reject these types of things or may have remembered that you rejected this particular source. The easiest fix may be to try using a different browser (see below).

Things just don't seem to be working right or my browser crashes.

There are countless combinations that can keep websites that use advanced techniques from working properly. There are several things you can do to find a combination that works on your computer.

a) Try using a different web browser. The most popular ones are Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome. While one may work for one computer setup, a different one may work better for a different configuration.

b) Make sure your operating system software is as up to date as possible. Both Mac and Windows computers have update utilities built in. Use them and, if prompted, be sure to restart the computer.

c) Pop-up blockers and message suppression may be preventing the installer from adding the components needed to use the recording tool. Check your preferences/settings.

I recorded and saved my playing test but my assignment is showing as 'missing'.

Common reason #1 - Playing test recordings need to be linked to a specific assignment. In Step 7 of the instructions of how to record on Charms at, students may get the impression that they can select the assignment at any time. To turn a recording in as part of an assignment, you must select the assignment BEFORE recording your playing test.

Common reason #2 - The assignment was late being turned in. Please contact Mr. Longman for instructions if this is the case.

Common reason #3 -  If you record your playing test on your computer and then upload the MP3  file, there is no way to 'link' it to a playing assignment.  For specific instructions on how to handle this, ask Mr. Longman.

I have recorded my playing test but it never finishes or sometimes doesn't save it.

Try rebooting your computer or trying at a different time of day. Sometimes computer problems or network traffic may interfere with the recording process.  This may also be true if you have a very slow internet connection.