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You can link to our online textbook at:

You can link to at:

Enrollment codes and passwords for turnitin:

Per. 1: enrollment code: 8556578, password: read

Per. 2: enrollment code: 8556590, password: read

Per. 3: enrollment code: 8556596, password: read

Per. 5: enrollment code: 8556611, password: read

Per. 6: enrollment code: 8556624, password: read


I am excited to be working with you this year! This website will let you find out what we are doing in class. 

The syllabi tab contains links to the syllabus for each of my classes.

The other tabs list each unit for each class. For example, Am. Lit. 1 Crucible contains a calendar and all the assignments for American Lit's Unit 1, which is focused on The Crucible. H. Fr. 1 Wizards contains a calendar and all the assignments for Honors Freshmen's Unit 1, which is focused on "The Wizards of Perfil." I'll be updating the tabs at the beginning of each and throughout each unit, so please look there any time you are absent or if you've forgotten what you need to be working on.

I am here to help you, so please contact me with any questions.

Contact Information

Jennifer Cerasoli

(425) 837-6147