What's Happening in PE?!
  • Week of June 15th

    This is essentially the last week of the school year. Hooray for us!!!  PE Grades were submitted today. Everyone received the same grade from Tri 2 or better.  Enjoy your summer.
    • 16 Jun 2020
Physical Education

Last year students participated in a variety of units that included: hockey, bowling, gymnastic, Fitness testing, volleyball, soccer, basketball, football, Ga Ga Ball, Outside Choice, kickball, Capture the Football, Team Hand Ball, Badminton, and Speedball Units.  Each year changes somewhat but you get the gist of the units we take part in.

There is usually no homework or projects for the various units.  However, students should be working on their cardio, muscular strength and endurance and flexibility.  Also looking up the rules, levels of play, star players and other facts about the game is always encouraged.  Its amazing how many students get introduced to a game and then pursue it further on their own.  We can light the fire, after that keeping it burning is a shared job.

PE introduces basic sports skills.  Students who want to go beyond and work on further skill acquisition must practice many hours outside of PE.  Hopefully PE lights the fire that leads to wanting to play organized and un-planned physical activity after school. 

If there is ever any communication needed that is not mentioned in this connect site then I will inform your classroom teacher and have her/him relay any information needed.

Don't forget that we are still doing Fitness Calendars to encourage outside school physical activity. Have your child come by the PE office and pick up a calendar.

In our PE classes, we start with an ASAP.  This is a warm up activity that gets the students moving right when they walk in the gym.  Next we play a short game, usually a version of tag. There are so many tag games that we play.  Next, we move to the unit. The unit varies aproximately every 2 weeks (some last longer).  Examples of the various units is listed above.  If I missed anything or you have any questions regarding the schedule, fitness calendars, expectations, etc...

Please shoot me an e-mail or give me a call. 

Stay active,

Coach B

Classroom Rules and Expectations:

To be successful in Coach B's classes students need to attend class and have a positive attitude.  That means they need to cooperate with other students, follow the gym rules, and be nice.  Students also need to try all games to the best of their ability.  You are not graded on ability but effort.  In summary, all students despite their athletic prowess should be successful in this class.