It is the Tuesday back from the MLK 3 Day -Weekend.  Last week we had 2 days of school, both of which were late starts.  Next week we have a teacher in-service day.  The schedule has been definitely lacking in consistentcy. 

Now is a good time to end the soccer unit and move on to the Basketball unit.  We did not have all the days to complete but must proceed with the planned curriculum.  2nd-5th grades will be working on the various aspects of basketball. Focusing on individual fundamentals and then shifting to games that can easily be played on the playground or at home.

We will work on dribbling, passing, and shooting:   Then i will introduce a few different types of games for them to play.  This will include:  Bump, "21", Money in the bank, around the world, and "PIG."  I will then teach them how to play 3 -v- 3 1/2 court mini games.  Students will then have a choice to pick from all the games I introduced and play on the multiple courts we have in the gym