Thanksgiving is over and we just wrapped up our unit on Hockey.  Hope you all enjoyed some time off. I know i did!!!

We built our basic skills by starting with individual dribbling skills.  Next, we worked on passing and shooting skills.

Then we played line hockey to introduce the rules and basic style of the game.  Finally we culminated in scrimmage  games where the students were able to display all the skills they acquired over the course of the unit.  Here is where they incorporated teamwork, strategy, and sportsmanship into game like situation.

Hockey is rarely played in the northwest.  This exposure in PE is invaluable for their understanding of the game and how it is very much a part of the culture in other regions of the USA and world.

Now we are moving on to a Soccer Unit.  Soccer has become the most popular sport in the world.  We here in the northwest embrace soccer as much as any other region in the US.  The Sounders just won the championship and the popularity is growing even more so.  I told the students that Hockey is like soccer with a stick.  You have dribbling, passing, shooting, goalies, defenders, transition, offense, teamwork, sportsmanship, and other similarities.

Just as in the hockey unit, Our Soccer unit we will start with (Summary of Learning):

Basics individual ball control skills needed to handle and dribble the ball:  Students will be expected to be able to dribble the ball around the gym, under control and be able to stop the ball on command.

Basic individual passing skills:  Students will be expected to be able to pass and trap the ball to a team mate both stationary and on the move.  This will include a 1-touch, 2-touch, and 3-touch approach to trapping and passing.

Basic individual shooting skills:  Students will be expected to be able to shoot a ball at the goal from varying angles and distances.

Basic goal keeping skills:  Not all students will be required to acquire some of these skills.  Any student who wants to try and be a goalie will be given the opportunity.  For Safety reasons, students who choose not be be a goalie are allowed to opt out.  However, all students are encouraged to try.  We do use nerf type balls for safety reasons but still many students are not comfortable with a ball being shot at them.

lastly, we will incorporate all the skills acquired by first playing line-soccer and then scrimmaging for real game like situation.