Mid-Winter Break is over and we are back in classes.  The 5th graders are doing half dance class, half football unit.  It is a new experince for me to see the students so nervous about interacting with each other in the dance class. Soooo good for them to get out of their shell and experience a little discomfort.  Most are doing well at adjusting.

All other classes are doing a football unit.  We start with throwing and catching.  Each student is shown and practices the proper grip, throwing stance, and receiving stance.

You should be able to ask them to show you the proper technique for throwing: Sideways, Center, T-Rex, Ear, Step and Throw).  Receiving should be: bent elbows and knees, make a diamond with your hands, watch it in, softly.  They can also body catch it by hugging the ball.  For the grip:  Trigger, laces, 3/4 up on the ball.

Next, we go over route running and QBing.  Finally we get into teams and try and score a TD in 4 plays across the gym.  This is a great introduction to football and gaining a better understanding of what so many people in this country go Crazy over. Me included. Got a fantasy football Team!?

For primary grades we are working on throwing and catching a football.  Hula hooping and jump roping skills.  I will alternate days where we do stations, so they can work on a variety of motor skills, climbing, jumping, scooting, and other activities.

I am doing a skills sheet for all Intermediate grades (2nd-5th).  Each student will be checked off if they can demonstrate the proper grip, throwing mechanics, and catching mechanics.  I will also check off if they can run a variety of football receiving routes.  We are moving a bit beyond just effort and participation for their skill grade. In an effort to get the students to achieve the daily lesson objectives, I will be asking them to attempt and finally master the basic skills for each unit.  if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail or call.