Greetings Parents and Students,

During the school closure, teachers are providing resources in order to maintain learning. These resources and activities are not graded and will focus on skills already covered during this school year. Please feel free to use any or part of the resources/activities outlined below.

Week of 3/30-4/3 

Social Group Students (and any interested volunteers) Weekly Lesson/Activity Below 

Complete the survey below on perspective taking and optical illusions. 

Lesson/Activity Objective: Students will reflect on his/her perspective and work towards seeing other perspectives. 


Monday-Thursday Resources/Activities 

Idiom of the Week: Ignorance is bliss 

Meaning: If you don’t know about a problem or unpleasant fact, you won’t worry about it 

Directions: Try using this idiom this week! See if your parents/guardians, siblings, and/or friends know what it means. 

Writing Lab 

Weekly survey to complete: 

Do a quick write to one of the prompts below. You can choose to do it online in ClassNote or on paper.

  • If your school was building a time capsule that wouldn't be opened for over 50 years, what three thing would you put in it? Why would you choose those items? 
  • If you could travel into the past and stay for 3 days, what time period would you want to visit? What you do while you were there? 

Review the first 3 Khan Academy videos on parts of speech: Verbs 

Extra Optional Verb Fun!!! 


6th ELA 

Weekly survey to fill out 

Watch YouTube video reviewing Activating Prior Knowledge 

  • Reading 20 minutes daily 
  • Complete outline for: (located in your one note distance learning folder- titled 3/30 outline) 
  • What was your favorite grade in school so far? 

Learning Strategies 

Weekly survey to fill out 

Watch You tube Video on Executive Functioning 

Fun Friday Activities 


  • Turbo Type 
  • Typing Club 


General Tips for  Distance Learning:
  • Keep a daily routine for getting up, eating, and going to bed that is similar to your normal school day
  • Create a study place that will not be distracting
  • Create a daily study schedule (e.g., 8:00-9:00 ELA, 9:10-10:10 math, 10:20- 11:10 science, etc.)
  • Create a daily routine for checking teacher websites including Edmodo
  • Make sure to take scheduled breaks from studying (and staring at electronic screens) and to eat healthy snacks
  • Make sure to take movement breaks from studying and sitting in front of a screen (e.g., do some stretches, jumping jacks, walk the dog while practicing social distancing, etc.)
  • Stay positive, have fun, and always ask for help!

Contact: Mrs. Day or Mrs. Brookens via e-mail. We are both here to support all our students and will be checking e-mail frequently.