Welcome to the second week of distance learning!

This week of required digital learning at-a-glance can be found in the files tab. Please make sure you are selecting the correct class/course.

Please make sure you are looking at the correct class as well as dates. All assignments are due by end of the week on Saturday, May 2nd. However, Mrs. Brookens and I are flexible considering the circumstances. If you have additional barriers at home that are not allowing you to complete work (or your child to complete his/her work), please let us know and we will work with you to determine how to best support your child during this time. Also, if any classwork assigned is taking longer than the expected 30 minutes of work, please let us know. We can help further modify plans to support all learners during this new learning era.

Writing Lab (1st) and 6th Grade ELA (2nd) : As shared last week, Mrs. Brookens and I created an account on Edmodo to match your other classes and their systems. Hopefully, this makes it easier for our students to be independent in completing the assignments, since they are already familiar with navigating Edmodo. If you have any questions about logins we have access to all students's Usernames and Passwords (if they have forgotten) and can relay that information. 

Learning Strategies (4th): Learning Strategies will continue to be accessed via Office 365 ClassNote and will use Microsoft Forms to deliver mini lessons that target executive functioning skills. Please use the at-a-glance to determine what tasks are due each day as well as accessing the Microsoft Forms lessons.
We both have updated our office hours where we will be readily available to answer you or your child's email with a timely response. 
Office Hours-
Mrs. Brookens: Monday 10-11 and Wednesday 1-2
Mrs. Day: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12:15-12:45
Thank you and please don't hesitate to reach out. We are frequently checking our e-mails to ensure students are able to access instruction. We are also collaborating together on all lessons and in constant communication.
General Tips for  Distance Learning:
  • Keep a daily routine for getting up, eating, and going to bed that is similar to your normal school day
  • Create a study place that will not be distracting
  • Create a daily study schedule (e.g., 8:00-9:00 ELA, 9:10-10:10 math, 10:20- 11:10 science, etc.)
  • Create a daily routine for checking teacher websites including Edmodo
  • Make sure to take scheduled breaks from studying (and staring at electronic screens) and to eat healthy snacks
  • Make sure to take movement breaks from studying and sitting in front of a screen (e.g., do some stretches, jumping jacks, walk the dog while practicing social distancing, etc.)
  • Stay positive, have fun, and always ask for help!