Safer Halloween options, according to the King County Dept of Health:

We recommend Halloween activities that make it easier to maintain physical distance, wear face coverings, and keep people from sharing items. If you do have any social gathering, keep it small and on a shorter time frame (the fewer people and shorter the time, the safer it is).

Ideas for activities with lower risks of COVID-19 include:

-Organize a neighborhood costume parade with social distancing.
-Decorate yards or your neighborhood.
-Do a Halloween scavenger hunt by giving your kids lists of Halloween-themed things (like different types of decorations) to look for while they walk outdoors, keeping a distance from people outside your household.
-Hold a virtual costume party online.
-Exchange candy with families you know. Do a drop-off delivery at their doorstep for a Halloween surprise for the kids.
-Trick-or-treat inside your home by hiding candy for your kids to find. If your kids like Halloween jump scares, hide yourself, too.
-Have a spooky movie night or Halloween craft party with the family.

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