Please pay attention to the physical symptoms of your kids while getting ready for school, eating breakfast, waiting for the bus, riding to school.  We usually hear that they "haven't felt good all morning" when kids vomit at school or have fevers, chills, dizziness in the health room. And please do adhere closely to the 24-hour rule for fever, vomiting and diarrhea.  While your child may seem fine at home, they need time to fully heal enough to withstand the entire day at school as we are quite busy and active here all day.

While we understand there are times to "see how it goes", this time of year, its really important that sick kids stay home and get better. 

We all want to enjoy the holidays healthy and safe, so please do your part in keeping sick kids home long enough to heal and not infect other kids, teachers and volunteers along the way.

As always, follow the sick day guide on my website.