Welcome to the IVE health room! 

Our goal is for your student to start on the first day of school with all their immunizations and health conditions ready to go! 


Please be sure that your child has all of the required immunizations to start school prior to the first day.  Now is the best time to get this all taken care of your pediatrician.  I will be reviewing each incoming student to be sure that this is all in order.  If I find deficiencies, I will contact you via email so that you can take this information to your provider.  The state law mandates that all incoming kindergartners have all their immunizations prior to starting school.

Life threatening Health Problems:

Many students come to school with life threatening health problems such as Diabetes, Seizures, Asthma and life threatening allergies.  For any life threatening health conditions, we require students to have Health Plans in place along with any ordered emergency medications.  If you completed the bright green form and tuned it in, I will contact you.  I will also be sending home forms for the fall that are REQUIRED TO START SCHOOL.  Be sure to alert the school nurse of any issues you may have with health conditions.

I am here everyday, so please stop in to talk with me or give me a call!