Lice rears it ugly little head at various intervals throughout the year.  I know we tend to get very itchy about this, but in all other industrialized countries around the globe, this is really not a big deal at all and is  treated as a well know fact of childhood.  Thus, in our ever-growing international community, we may see more and more of these critters.

Our procedure is simple:  If we find out about lice in any of our students, we notify the family and have them treat the student at home. Simultaneously, we send a letter home with the students of that class.  This letter is intended to help the parents identify lice on their student early, so as not to cause and infestation.

If you receive this letter, you should check your child right away and continue to check them daily for 2 weeks.  As the eggs hatch and Lice grow, they will be easier to spot. 

A good practice is to check your child for lice weekly.  A great time to do this is on a bath/shower night...sit your child down for some good conversation (and maybe a treat) and go through their hair looking for any inconsistencies in their scalp, eggs or bugs.  You can look at al sorts if images online to guide you in this process. Make it a routine and you will avoid this whole messy process.

Lice is no reason to panic and does NOT pose a health risk to your child.  They are itchy and annoying and treatable.

You may also use any of the local companies that remediate lice from your child at a cost to you.