As the year winds down, we do still need to adhere to the guidelines for keeping sick kids at home to avoid spread and worsening of sickness.  You can also do your family a HUGE favor by sticking to the old basics! 

 Even though the days are longer and it’s so easy to stay up late, your child needs to get adequate sleep to fight off illness.  Make sure your kids are getting at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night.

Offer lots of healthy fruits and vegetables to keep that immune system functioning at its best! 

I CAN NEVER STRESS HANDWASHING ENOUGH!!!!!  Work with your kids on developing the great habit of washing their hands at home and school prior to eating, after using the bathroom and right when they walk through your door at home.  This practice can eliminate all kinds of germs and prevent illness.

While we do our job to send sick kids home when they report their symptoms to us in the health room, we need your help in keeping them home when they tell you they are not feeling good.  Thank you for helping us provide a safe and healthy school community for ALL!