There is currently an push for a greater body of science around smart phone use and when is the right time.  As many parents struggle with this decision for a variety of reasons, this is a topic that parents will want to research prior to handing over a portable device. A campaign has started around Waiting Until 8th Grade and it has some evidence-based reasons for this specific age.  Please see the links below for more information.  I will also highlight some:

-Studies show that MRI's found significant differences in brains of children  who use smartphones more than 7 hours per day.

-Smartphones interferes with relationships and are addictive

-Increase risk of anxiety and depression and impair sleep

-Expose children to sexual content and pose risks for cyber bullying

- Are an academic distraction

-TECHNOLOGY EXECUTIVES BAN SMARTPHONES FOR THEIR CHILDREN!  Many technology executives wait until their child is 14 before they allow them to have a phone. While these teenagers can make calls and text, they are not given a data plan until 16.

Please use the links provided below to find out more: