I am happy to connect with you if you have any concerns, questions, or needs during this school closure. My office hours are: 1:00-2:30 Wednesdays. I will be available other times as well but during my office hours I will respond to you as soon as I can. 


ISD Resources and Information for School Closure

You will find updated information on ISD's resources for meal pick up times and Spring break meal service. Click here for information. 

Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank

Click here for updates on how your family can access resources such as food during the school closure.  

Managing Stress

The current situation we are all experiencing can lead to anxious feelings for kids and adults. Here is a link with information about the app Calm. 

Helping your Child with Social Exclusion

Six Ways to Help Your Child Deal with Social Exclusion - Read article on Greater Good

Understanding Executive Function

What is executive function? And as parents and educators, what role do we play in supporting our kids' healthy development of executive functioning skills? Dr. Mark Bertin offers 5 tips to set developmentally appropriate expectations so your kids can thrive. 

Relational Aggression

"You're Not My Friend!" - Click here to read the article about relational aggression. 

Dealing with Perfectionism

This article provides some helpful information and guidance to support girls who struggle with anxiety and perfectionism. 

A Mighty Girl

Lights, Camera, Action!

Click here to read about the benefits when children participate in performing arts!

Love and Logic Parent Tip

The power of empathy in parenting

This is a public site and is not connected with or endorsed by the Issaquah School District.

Parenting Websites

     Kidshealth.org                                 Love and Logic                               

        PBS.org                                    www.parenttoolkit.com 


  Aha! Parenting





This is a public site and is not connected with or endorsed by the Issaquah School District.

Cyber Safety

These resources provide guidance for parents about internet safety as well as age appropriate technology use and exposure.


Common Sense Media  

Issaquah School District Disclaimer

Issaquah School District Disclaimer:

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