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Just a reminder - when you're looking at the calendar for assignments make sure you click on the assignment for further instructions.  


Good morning Students and welcome back to "school!"  Today is the first day that we will start new assignments.  My expectations for each daily assignment will be the same as they have always been.  The biggest difference now is that you'll need to put a little more effort in than you may be used to.  Read through the examples in the book, use youtube, khan academy, google, etc. for further examples if needed.  I'm expecting you to do enough practice to learn the material in order to show your knowledge on each chapter test. 

You will need to go to the calendar for your class, click on the date that you're interested in, and follow directions from there.  The calendar is up to date for the remainder of the year but I do plan to add more information on each assignment as we go.  

I will also be available via e-mail and plan to check it regularly every school day.  

So - your job today is to click on the link below that corresponds with your class and follow directions from there.

Applied Algebra 2 Calendar 

Personal Finance Calendar 

Liberty High School PE Website - (You will be expected to do 120 minutes of exercise per week.  I will give you a link to the PE log as soon as it's available)


School will be resuming using online formats starting April 20th.  I have updated my calendar (click the link below) with the assignments for the remainder of the school year.  You are welcome to work ahead if you like but I will not be assigning the take home tests ahead of time.  This website will be your primary place to get information from me.  I plan to update each assignment with a little more direction as they get closer; for now it just lists what topics we’ll be working on each day. 

Applied Algebra 2 Calendar - (The chapter 11 test is April 21st)

Personal Finance Calendar - (We will be continuing Ch. 7 April 20th)

Liberty High School PE Website - (More direction on PE expectations soon)


I hope you're all doing well at home during this crazy time.  If you have any questions you can definitely e-mail me.  

For Personal Finance Students:  Please check your grades.  Some of you do not have points for the stock market project.  If you've already done the project please e-mail me a screenshot of your portfolio and/or a picture of the paper portion of your project.  I'll get your grades updated. 

For PE students:  Most of you can still turn in up to two at-home PE make up forms.  If you're missing any points due to being absent please e-mail me a picture of your make up form and I'll get your grades updated.

For Applied Algebra 2 Students:  Download and follow the direction on this chapter 6 optional test corrections form .  Chapter 6 Test 2020 at Home Version.docx  

Please take some time while you're out to try to stay up to date on your math skills.  You still have access to your textbooks online.  We had finished up chapter 11 but did not take the test before schools closed.  Take some time to go through chapter 11 again so that you don't forget the material.  

Useful Information

Applied Algebra 2 Textbook Login

Applied Algebra 2 Syllabus 19-20.doc

Personal Finance Syllabus 19-20.doc is a great calculator. is a nice app that can help check the steps to certain problems