External Links

http://patriotplayers.shutterfly.com  Informational site for people (staff, students, parents, volunteers) involved in the current production - password required

http://lhsdrama.shutterfly.com Publicity about current Drama productions

http://www.teentix.org/ Information and discounts for teens to Seattle-area theatrical events.  Required for Drama 1 students. Recommended for all students.

http://www.artscrush.org/  Comprehensive listing of current live theatre productions in the greater Seattle area



    Period 3:  Introduction to Video Production - Room 1210 (Video Room)

    Period 4:  Shakespeare - Room 1206 (Black Box Theatre)

    Period 6:  Drama 1 - Room 1206 (Black Box Theatre)

    Period 7: Video 1, 2 and 3 - Room 1210 (Video Room)

    Period 8:  Theatre Production - Room 1206 (Black Box Theatre)