AP Calculus BC

Upcoming Test Dates

It's Like Trying to Hit a Moving Target!!

UPDATED 4/28/2020

College in the HS Forms now not being used at all. I will send the info via email once I have the info kids need. Right now I just need a list of names to submit to Bellevue College so they can assign you an online payment number...

If you dropped off forms, I already have your name. And I will mail the checks back to you.
Everyone else email me your name if you can use Calc IV credits. I need names by Saturday 5/2/2020... 

  • Sign up for Calc IV 
  • Typically you do not earn credit for this calc level thru the AP exam.
  • Fill out the form on-line.
  • Print THEN sign.
  • Checks to be made out the Bellevue College for $200.

AP Calc BC Midterm #5 will now be your final exam.

  • Taking place on ???
  • 26 Questions Multiple Choice

AP Calculus AB & BC Mock Dates - Cancelled for 2020

  • Spring Sat 2020 9am - 12:30pmish Room 5235 (Mr. Kennedy)
  • Spring Sat 2020 9am - 12:30pmish Room 5235 (Mr. Kennedy)
  • Bring your own drinks and snacks 
College in the High School Instructions

Spring Quarter College Credits

The State of Washington now requires that students properly enroll at the college from where they earn college in the high school (CHS) credits.

You have two main steps to complete..

1. Enroll at Bellevue College free of charge. DUE 4/1/2020

Follow this link to enroll. http://www.bellevuecollege.edu/chs/registration/

If you are already enrolled at Bellevue for any other CHS course, proceed to #2 below.

2. Register for the correct math course once you receive an email from Bellevue College.
    The email to confirm that you are enrolled may take 1-5 days.
    The email means you are now ready to register and pay.

Go to the same page as above. http://www.bellevuecollege.edu/chs/registration/ 

SELECT Step 5: Register and Pay, then Liberty, then CALCULUS IV
Fill out the form on-line
Print the form then Sign by hand
Return form to Kruzich with a $200 check made out to Bellevue College. 
Form with Check DUE April 10, 2020 by 3pm

Liberty's AP Calculus BC course offers the following CHS credits.

  • Fall (Oct/Nov) Math 152 (Calculus II)
  • Winter (Feb/March) Math 153 (Calculus III) 
  • Spring (April/May) Math 254 (Calculus IV)


Math 151 (Calculus I) credit is earned in Liberty's AP Calc AB (Kennedy) or CHS Calc courses.

Math 151 credit can only be earned during the AP Calc BC course by taking the AP Calc BC exam and passing.

Math 153 & Math 254 credit can NOT be earned by taking either of the AP Calculus exams. These credits can only be earned by signing up for credit through Bellevue College.

CHS Course Evaluation

 If you signed up for Calculus II, III or IV (math 152, 153 or 254) credit, and have yet to complete the course evaluation please do so immediately.

Submit by December 15, 2019

You can access the evaluation with this link: Bellevue College Course Evaluation

AP Practice Mini Lessons

Do you need some review for your first year of calculus.

There are some mini lessons on Padlet created by former BC students. 
Quick link to the mini lessons!