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The link above offers a general site for the wider public. For my current students, or if you would like access to the SharePoint links, please send an invite to Mr. Kurtz so that he can grant access. 

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  • Beyond the Classroom

    Beyond the Classroom

    This site shows how some of the students at Liberty are learning outside of the classroom. This includes videoconferencing, guest speakers, international trips, or working in the community.
    30 members
  • Chess Club

    Chess Club

    Liberty Chess Club is an extra curricular activity open to all greade levels. Members play chess, learn strategies, and have fun. Students from all skill levels are welcome. Meetings will be held in the Library on Thursdays from 2:30 to 3:30.
    30 members
  • Introduction to Psychology
    30 members
  • Model United Nations Club

    Model United Nations Club

    This club discusses global issues and works to participate in United Nation simulations. Students serve in committees as delegates to solve global issues.
    30 members
  • Northwest Studies

    Northwest Studies

    The study of Washington's history from 1889 to present will cover such issues as native culture, the relocation of native tribes, the settling o the west, economic development during the world wars, and contemporary issues of today.
    32 members
  • Northwest Studies
    Last Activity: over 2 years ago
    30 members
  • World History AP

    World History AP

    World History AP is for the exceptionally studious high school sophomore who wishes to earn college credit through a rigorous academic program. This class approaches history in a non-traditional way.
    32 members
  • World History II and III

    World History II and III

    These courses introduce students to principle issues in World history by focusing on the social, political and economic changes that took place during the 18th and 19th century and how those changes set the stage for global conflict.
    32 members
Contact Information

Mr. Peter C. Kurtz


Teacher Biography

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education/History at Boise State University, a Master’s in History from the University of Manchester (United Kingdom), and a National Board Certification in Secondary Adolescence Social Studies. Additionally, I studied at the British School at Rome (Italy) and the University of Houston (TX). I recieved travel fellowships from Brown University, Rice University, Goethe Institute, Fund for Teachers, and the World Affairs Council. I have taught history at Middle School, High School, and College. My teaching awards include Star Middle School Educator of Southern Texas, Teacher of the Year for the Houston Academy for International Studies, and nominated for Outstanding Teaching of the Humanities Award through the Humanities of Texas. 

(Pictured above) Mr. Kurtz studying in the Roman Forum in Roma, Italy while a student at the British School at Rome.

I teach AP World History, World History II & III, psychology, and Model United Nations for Liberty High School. I help advise Liberty’s Model United Nations and Chess Clubs. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy world travel and continuing my own education as a life learner.


(Pictured above) Mr. Kurtz participating at the 2016 Discover Washington: Youth Heritage Project at Fort Vancouver National Historical Site Summer Camp 2015.


Exploring the history of Italy 2016!

The Students have spoken and we will be touring Venice, Florence, and Rome during the summer of 2016!  If you would like to join this unique educational experience, check out the details at See Kurtz for the codes.

The Students have spoken again and the Social Studies department will be touring the Dominican Republic in 2019. See Mrs. Antrim or Mr. Talley for details!

Additional Student Resources

Helpful Websites:

1. AP Exam Calculator:
This is a great website to evaluate what score you need to obtain to pass the AP exam.  This site works for nearly all AP exams so feel free to explore different scores.

2. My Student Edge:
This website allows students or teachers to login in as a new user for free and take practice exams including the AP Exams and the SAT. Familiarizing yourself with the exams will increase your potential score.  In other words, "practice makes perfect" so practice, practice, practice.

3. Best Buy Books: This is a great website for purchasing books. It lists the price of the book by price so it is easy to surf the web for the cheapest price.  It has saved me thousands in book orders and is very user friendly.

4. Project Gutenberg- Many books today are out of copyright.  This means they are open to the public.  This website offers hundreds of thousands of books online for free.  I like to cut and paste them into word so that I may print them as needed.  Enjoy!

5. My Old Webpage address that needs updating: