Basic Policy Reminders

Absences: Make sure all absences are excused through the attendance office.  Remember that you are responsible for checking the website and classroom white board for information about what you missed and for upcoming due dates.  I will not always remember to contact you about missed handouts, etc.

Late Work:  While there is no specific penalty for late work, students should remember that most of the work in our class is cumulative.  The rest of the class will be moving forward, so every missed assignment or reading will put you further and further behind, making it more and more difficult to successfully catch up as time goes on.  Technically, students have until the end of the semester to turn in late work.   However, successful students who really learn and grow over the year, and who have high grades that reflect that learning, don't let themselves get too far behind.  Once semester grades are complete, late work will no longer be accepted.

Questions: If students have questions at any time, they should contact me by email or in person.  I can't help if I don't know there is a problem!