Schedule and contact information

Welcome to Science with Ms. Stephens! For Biology agendas, assignments and files, please go to Classes on the left and choose Biology. AP Bio is to the left also.  Files are attached to posts by date, but some syllabi can be found by going to the files tab. 

My Schedule for 2019-20 is:

Per. 1   Biology                                Per. 5   AP Biology

Per. 2   Biology                                Per. 6   AP Biology

                                                        Per. 7   Prep in 4204

                                                        Per. 8  Biology


Phone: 425.837.4913

Classroom: 4204

Technology Norms: We are going to be using a variety of technologies to enhance your learning in Biology. With the application of various technologies comes great responsibilities. Please practice good password hygiene; know your passwords and do not share them. Help your peers out and log them out if they forget. Always quote and cite if you are applying someone else's ideas or images. Treat others with the same respect and kindness that is expected in the classroom. Use only reputable sources and question where the information is coming from. Under no circumstances should you recruit bots to a classroom activity. Above all treat people with respect and follow the parameters of our schools use policy.