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Social Studies

Quick Get for Film class students only (last one due Friday, June 19 at 3pm):

  • Syllabus/ExpectationsFilm Class Syllabus updated (Tri 3) 2020.docx
  • Weekly Assignment TemplateWeekly Assignment.docx
  • For Social Studies (Final week of work for June 15-19 below):
  •  Week 9 of chapter 23 is due on Friday, June 19 at 3pm (only Monday and Tuesday of Week 9 are required).
  •   You are always welcome to work ahead (you do not need to do 1 or 2 questions per day but can do as much as you want to help balance your schedule if you wish to help balance your time for all of your classes).  E-mail Mr. An if you have any questions: and@issaquah.wednet.edu

  • This is mostly likely the last post on this Connect site for the school year.
  • Week 9 is due on Friday, June 19 at 3pm (only Monday, June 16 & Tuesday, June 17 assignments are required for Week 9).  
  • Hey-soon to be Freshman, I wish you the very best of luck in your futures.  For the amount of time we were able to spend together, I thank you for your participation and your time at Maywood!  

Week 9 (Monday & Tuesday) are due on Friday, June 19 at 3pm.

(Week 9) June 15-19: Monday & Tuesday only are due on Friday, June 19!  Wed, Thurs, Fri are optional extra credit if you choose to do it:  All of week 9 is still Chapter 23 

  • Monday (June 15-Mandatory): Section 6 #1 (Do all 3 boxes)-Due Friday, June 19 at 3pm
  • Tuesday (June 16-Mandatory): Section 7 #2 (Do all 3 boxes)-Due Friday, June 19 at 3pm
  • Wednesday (June 17-Optional for 1 pt. extra credit): Reading Further "Little Rock Nine" (fill in the box)-optional, but due on June 19 at 3pm if you choose to do it.
  • Thursday (June 17-Optional for 1 pt. extra credit): Reading Further "Charles Houston" (fill in the box)-optional, but due on June 19 at 3pm if you choose to do it.
  • Friday (June 17-Optional for 1 pt. extra credit): Reading Further "Selma" (fill in the box)-optional, but due on June 19 at 3pm if you choose to do it.

Chapter 23.  

Week 8 due June 15 (now done)  

  • Monday, June 8: Section 1.  Fill in the Box (only one box on the screen)Past Due
  • Tuesday, June 9: Section 2.  Do #s 1 and 3 (#3 is a graphic organizer)-Past Due
  • Wednesday, June 10: Section 3: Do #s 3 and 4-Past Due
  • Thursday, June 11: Section 4: Do #s 1 and 2-Past Due
  • Friday, June 12: Section 5: Do #s 2 and 3-Past Due

Week 7 due Monday, June 8 (Now Done):

  • Monday, June 1: In "Summary," under "Processing" do the Journal Entry which is the first box (skip Sketch below)-Past Due!
  • Tuesday, June 2: In "Reading Further," (Preparing to Write), do the first 2 questions.  This is the (1) Benjamin Hardin Helm "box" and (2) Robert E. Lee "box"-Past Due!
  • Wednesday, June 3: also in "Reading Further," (Preparing to Write), do the 3rd and 4th Questions (after what you did yesterday) which would be (3) John J. Crittenden "box" and (4) James Campbell "box"-Past Due!
  • Thursday, June 4: Do "Explore" Great American Speeches, do #s 1 & 2-Past Due!
  • Friday, June 5: Do "Explore" Great American Speeches, do #s 3 & 4-Past Due!

Week 6 due Monday, June 1 (Now Done):

Monday, May 25 is Memorial Day, but you do not get an assignment for this day (Monday), but do on Tues-Fri. below:

  • Tuesday, May 26: Do Section 5, #s 3 & 4 (ok to work ahead)-Past Due!
  • Wednesday, May 27: Do Section 6, #s 2 & 3 (ok to work ahead)-Past Due!
  • Thursday, May 28: Do Section 7 "Venn Diagram" (ok to work ahead)-Past Due!
  • Friday, May 29: Do Section 8, #s 1 & 2-Past Due!

Week 5 due Monday, May 25 (Now Done):

  • Monday, May 18: Do Section 1 (Introduction) all 3 questions-Past Due!
  • Tuesday, May 19: Section 2 #1-Graphic organizer only -Past Due!
  • Wednesday, May 20: (also) Section 2, #3-do both the "Lincoln" and "Davis" boxes-Past Due!
  • Thursday, May 21: Section 3 #s 2 & 3-Past Due!
  • Friday, May 22: Section 4 #s 2 & 3-Past Due!

Week 4 in Chapter 21, Part 2(Now Done) 

  • Monday, May 11: Do Section 7, #s 1 & 2-Past Due!
  • Tuesday, May 12: Do Section 8, #s 1 & 2-Past Due!
  • Wednesday, May 13: Do Section 9, #s 2 & 3-answer all "3" boxes for #s 2 (2 boxes) & #3 (1 box)-Past Due!
  • Thursday, May 14: Do "Processing" under Summary-Past Due!
  • Friday, May 15: 6 spots under Reading Further, Do "Writing a Handbill" (do not need to do "rubric" box below)-Past Due!

Week 3 (Now Done)  

  • Monday, May 4: Do Section 2, #3-Past Due!
  • Tuesday, May 5: Do Section 3, #1-Past Due!
  • Wednesday, May 6: Section 4, do both #s 1 and 2 (3 Questions total)-Past Due!
  • Thursday, May 7: Do Section 5, #1-Past Due!
  • Friday, May 8: Do the Graphic Organizer.  You will need to fill out all 10 boxes to get full credit-Past Due!

Week 2 (Now Done)  

  • Monday, April 27:            Section 9, Question 3 only-Past Due!
  • Tuesday, April 28:           Sections 10 and 11 (Questions #3 on both sections)-2 questions total-Past Due!
  • Wednesday, April 29:    Summary (Processing)-Past Due!
  • Thursday, April 30:       Reading Further (Harriet Tubman only)-Do the first 3 boxes.  Skip: Writing a Short Biography-Past Due!
  • Friday, May 1:                    Reading Further (Harriet Tubman only)-Do the last 2 boxes (you will have completed 5 boxes total between yesterday and today).  Skip: Writing a Short Biography-Past Due!

Week 1 (Now Done):

*Do not worry if you see 0/5 on TCI.  Only scores on Skyward count(!):

  • Friday, April 24:                Section 8,  Do Question #3 only-Past Due!
  • Monday, April 20:       Section 2 (Graphic Organizer: Do all 3!)-Past Due!
  • Tuesday, April 21:      Do Section 3 and Section 4 (Question 3 only).  Skip questions asking for Placards.-Past Due!
  • Wednesday, April 22:   Sections 5 and 6 Questions #3 on both (2 Questions total)-Past Due!
  • Thursday, April 23:        Section 7, Do Question #3 only-Past Due!

We will be working on the following chapters and spending about 2 weeks per chapter (3 weeks for Civil War): (A) Chapter 20, African Americans in the Mid-1800s starting on page 374, (B) Chapter 21, A Dividing Nation starting on page 400, (C) Chapter 22, The Civil War starting on page 422, (D) Chapter 23, The Reconstruction Era starting on page 444

These are only the questions you will be doing.  If the question asks for Placard(s), those will be skipped.  You will always access your assignment(s) on TCI Online.  Think of what is below on the schedule as your directions on what you will be doing for each day:

e-mail:  and@issaquah.wednet.edu



Social Studies TCI log-in Info. (Film class below)

Mr. David An


Social Studies Syllabus from beginning of the school year:

2019-2020 An Social Studies Syllabus.docx

2019-2020 Syllabus for Social Studies (above)

The Maywood Way-Classroom Expectations

David An-The Maywood Way Classroom Expecations.docx

New login info. as of September 3, 2019

 TCI Online Student Textbook/Assignment login (You need this to do assignments online for Tri 3 starting April 20):

Please find below the student instructions for TCI via ClassLink:




TCI online curriculum materials for your class will be accessed  through ClassLink – https://launchpad.classlink.com/Issaquah (or Google "Classlink Issaquah"). ClassLink is a Launchpad for students to access online district curriculum and tools. To activate your Classlink account for home access, students must first login to a computer at school. 


YOU MUST USE A CURRENT BROWSER!  Check your browser at: https://www.whatsmybrowser.org/. 


Step 1: Go to: https://launchpad.classlink.com/Issaquah (or Google "Classlink Issaquah"). You will see the district logo on the login screen. 

Step 2: Log onto ClassLink with your network username. The first 4 letters of your last name, first 3 letters of your first name, and your two-digit graduation year. Example: SmitJoe20. 

Your password is the same as your regular network password. This is what you use when you log onto the computer at school. 

Step 3: Click on the TCI  icon.  

Step 4: The first time you may be asked for your teacher's email address. Typically it is their last name, first initial @issaquah.wednet.edu. Then select your class from the list that pops up. 

Mr. An's e-mail address is:      and@issaquah.wednet.edu


NOTEDepending on the browser you are using; you may be asked to install an extension. Follow the instructions on the screen to install the extension. Once installed you will not be asked to install it again on that computer. If you skipped over installing the extension you can access extensions for browsers here.   


Classlink Mobile App: 

  • From your App store, search "Classlink Launchpad."
  • Install and open the app. You do notneed to allow location. 
  • Search and select "Issaquah" - you will only need to do this the first time you open the app 
  • Enter your username and password for Classlink

Classes that use TCI include: 

  • Middle School: Social Studies grade(s) 7 and 8. 
  • High School: US History and Civics


Information to troubleshoot can be found at: http://www.issaquah.wednet.edu/district/departments/Technology/students 

Please let your teacher know if you are having trouble accessing the online materials. 

8th Grade Class Textbook

This is the textbook we use for 8th grade social studies.  

This is simply to show what the textbook looks like.  You cannot access the online textbook by clicking on the picture.  Students-an account has been set up for you.  You will need to follow the instructions (above) to log in and access the online textbook.

TCI Social Studies Log -in information is available by scrolling above 

Film Making information:

  • The original $15 class fee has been waived for all students!  Ms. Niblock (MMS book keeper) has confirmed all fees are waived for this class

    For Trimester 3 Film Students (Syllabus): Film Class Syllabus updated (Tri 3) 2020.docx

  • Grading updated (reflected now in Syllabus) 
    • Updated on week of May 11 (for rest of the school year) per ISD guidelines:

    “Trimester long classes will use a Pass / Incomplete grading scale because they cannot rely on the end of trimester 2 grade as a basis for grading.”

  • Step 1: Read the Syllabus above first.
  • Step 2: E-mail this template (once your assignment is completed) back to Mr. An by/before each Friday before 3pm with your name and what week you are sending.  Use the same template each week (and specify what week you are sending): Weekly Assignment.docx