Common Core 6 (CC6)

Websites, Activities, and Tutorials

Practice, Practice, Practice  (Online sites and games to help you stay strong in Math.)

Smarter Balanced Testing

Hour of Code

Unit 1 - Prime Time


Activities and Games

Unit 2 - Comparing Bits and Pieces


Unit 3 - Let's Be Rational


Unit 4 - Covering and Surrounding

  • Practice finding SURFACE AREA of rectangular prisms.
  • Here's the NET ACTIVITY.  See if you can figure out which NETS will fold into a cube!
  • Here's an ONLINE ACTIVITY to practice finding SURFACE AREA and VOLUME of rectangular prisms.

Unit 5 - Decimal Ops


Unit 6 - Variables and Patterns


Website and Video Tutorials: 

  • Here is a video to show you how to write equations from story problems like we did in Inv. 3.1
  • Here is a website where you can practice writing equations, too. 
  • HERE'S THE ONLINE GRAPHING TOOL we used in class during Investigation 1.