Maywood (Virtual) Rubik's Cube Club Sign-Up

Mr. Ciraulo plans to host a virtual Rubik's Cube Club each week during the school shut-down.  If you are interested, fill out this form, and be on the lookout for updates.  P.S. Your e-mail address can be a parent's address, if you don't have a personal one.

KOMO News Story on Team's Being #1 In The Nation

In August of 2019, Ryan Yamamoto and Katie Stern, of KOMO News, in Seattle, came to Maywood to do a story on our team's success in the Rubik's Cube competition national standings.  Here's a link to the page with their wonderful story.   

Maywood Rubik's Cube Tournament

On March 30 and 31 of 2020, during lunch, the Maywood Rubik's Cube Club will host the annual Maywood Rubik's Cube Tournament. If you can solve the cube in under 3 minutes, you're eligible to enter the grade level competition.  This is an awesome way to test your skills.

Rubik's Cube Club Meetings

Starting March April and May, we usually meet after school several times to practice solving cubes, learn new algorithms, and get to know each other.  Our 2020 meeting dates have not been determined yet.  Stay tuned! This is also the opportunity for students who want to learn to solve the cube.  They can come and get assistance from other cubers - we love getting new people to learn the cube!

During this time, we narrow down the cubers who will be traveling to the state championship.  The 8-10 cubers with the fastest average times are eligible to travel with the team to state.   

Washington State Rubik's Cube Competition


On May 23, 2020 - we will take a team of 10 students to represent Maywood in the Washington State Rubik's Cube Competition.  The competition features two sections:  team competition and individual competition. 

Competing at the middle school level, Maywood has been fortunate enough to take state in the team competition 4 of the last 5 years.   Competing as a team is one of the highlights of traveling to state.  LAST YEAR, WE NOT ONLY WON STATE IN DIVISION 2 (MIDDLE SCHOOL) BUT WE CLOCKED THE BEST TIME IN THE ENTIRE NATION FOR THE PAST 3 YEARS.  Check out the division 2 standings to see our club name at the top of the list!

The individual competition was also quite fun.  Our team represented Maywood well,  placing one cuber in the top three.  His blazing time of 13.2 seconds was bested only by two of the fastest cubers in the nation.  First place in our division was actually the best time in the nation over the past 3 years.  There are usually over 50 competitors at the middle school level, so placing in the top 3 is quite a feat. 

We'd love to have you come out and take part in the Rubik's Cube Club.  If you want more information stop by Mr. Ciraulo's room, or email him at

1st Annual All-ISD Rubik's Cube Competition

On Saturday, October 27th, 2018, Maywood hosted the FIRST EVER all-district Rubik's Cube competition.  Check out this article about the competition in the Issaquah Reporter.  Track your times from the competition at the national Rubik's Cube website.