My job is to support students with communication disorders.  I work directly with students who have difficulty producing speech sounds correctly, expressing ideas clearly and completely, and understanding spoken language. These skills are essential for communicating with peers and teachers, comprehending text, understanding the instruction given in class, and using language correctly in writing.  

Learning the unwritten rules of how we communicate socially, for example, body language, tone of voice, and conversation skills, is also an important skill that I teach.  

Although some speech skills must be taught in a one on one situation, research shows that students benefit most when the SLP coordinates services with the student's classroom teacher and curriculum. To this end, the speech pathologist might work individually with a student, run a small group, or teach a classroom lesson.  

Vision and hearing screenings at Briarwood and Maywood  in October 2018.  Hearing and vision screenings are done for all elementary aged students with the exception of 4th graders.  7th grade is the last year that hearing and vision screenings are performed. If a child does not pass the vision and hearing screening follow up testing will be done by the school nurse and parents will be contacted.