PE, The BIG Picture

Tri 1 UNITS:
Fitness Testing Pre-Test- Push Ups / 1600M run / 20 meter Pacer Test all done in the first 10 days
Football – Probably through end of Sept.
Lawn Games – End of Sept / Beginning of Oct.
Soccer – Through Halloween
Volleyball – Any rainy days and/or November
Choices – Finish out the Trimester and/or add in as necessary
Fitness Testing FINAL Test - November

Tri 2 UNITS:
Fitness Testing Pre-Test – Jan 5th through 16th (push ups, mile run , 20m Pacer)
Team Handball – Jan 5th – MLK day-ish
Basketball – End of Jan – Feb sometime
Pickleball – Skills before Feb Break / Games after Break
Fitness Testing Final Tests right before end of Trimester
Tri 3 UNITS:
Fitness Testing Pre-Test at Start of Trimester
Ultimate Frisbee and Disc Golf in April
Tennis – Outdoor and/or Indoor in May
Lacrosse – Mid may through June
Fitness Testing Finals and Choice Days in June