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Hello Families- While we are remote learning, you may use this website for finding documents regarding the textbook, assignments and log in information. Everything you need to finish out the year is on Teams and I will be using that as my primary platform. All assignments can be viewed and submitted on Teams along with instructional videos and office hours. Email me with any questions you may have. 

How To Use Mrs. Redmon's Website Tutorial

Grading Project Informational Video



This video has been provided by the district to briefly explain the philosophy of grading that I will be using this school year.  If you have questions beyond this, please refer to my syllabus for more information, email me, or we can make an appointment to meet to discuss your concerns.  

Here is a letter from Superintendent Thiele:

WICC Success Indicators
Class Link Information- Storage Box for User Names and Passwords

What is ClassLink? It is a web based “LaunchPad” to access online curriculum and tools in an attempt to address the problem of too many websites, usernames, and passwords. Through the ClassLink Launchpad students will find links to online curriculum and tools used in their classes.

How do students access ClassLink? When students log on to a computer at school there is an shortcut to ClassLink on the desktop. Students use their school network username and password to log into ClassLink. At home they can go to and use their school network username and password.

 There are two types of links within ClassLink:

  1. Password pass through: Students click the icon for the curriculum or tool they wish to access and will be immediately signed into their online account. Please note, this will only work for classes that the student is currently taking at their school.
  2. Password locker: The first time students click on these icons they will be asked to enter their username and password, their credentials will be held in a password locker and they will not need to be entered again.

Additional information by publisher can be found at:

Instructional Video for Parents here:

Instructional Video on how to install the extension:

Student Access Usernames and Passwords
The district is moving to a common username for students across many applications. Student usernames for Connect and Parentlink will also match their Student Access username. Student passwords for each system have not been changed – they remain the same.
When students log in to Student Access in August and beyond, they will use their school network username (First four of last, first three of first name and the 2-digit grad year without any spaces) and their current password for each software application. If the student is unable to login with the username, add a 1, or 2, etc. after the grad year for duplicate usernames. 
  • Ex: Samantha Smith, GY 2017 = SmitSam17
  • Ex: Jared Lee, GY 2019 = LeeJar19

Students will also be encouraged in my classroom to use these same username and password for access to the online textbook, this keeps things easier to manage for them.

National Geography Bee

The National Geography Bee will be taking place at Maywood on January 11 at 6-8pm.  Any students who would like to prepare for the competition can find practice quizzes on the official National Geography Bee website.

Upcoming Events
No events occur after 11 Aug 2020.