Students can earn back up to 100% if they complete quiz corrections accurately and within ONE week of scores being posted to Family Access. Students must have all work turned in PRIOR to taking the quiz to qualify for quiz corrections. Lab practicals and unit exams do not qualify for corrections. All quiz corrections occur in charger time on Tuesdays and Thursdays ONLY.

Want to do quiz corrections? Here's the procedure:

1. Make sure all work associated with the chapter(s) has been completed and turned in BEFORE starting the quiz. If you have any missing work, you do not qualify for quiz corrections.

2. Fill-in your corrections form found on the link on the physical science page. Get it signed by a parent.

3. Turn-in your form AT LEAST 24 hours before planning to complete the quiz corrections. Quiz corrections can only be done on TUESDAY and THURSDAY during charger time and you have ONE WEEK to complete them after scores are put into Family Access.

4. Request a charger time testing pass from Mrs. Chang before school starts on the day you are completing your corrections. If you forget to get a pass, you cannot come for quiz corrections.

5. Show pass to charger time teacher, then come to Mrs. Chang's class with your journal, textbook, and writing utensil to complete your quiz corrections. You have until the end of charger time to finish your corrections. NO EXTRA TIME will be given. Any answers meeting the below criteria may earn full credit back on the quiz.

Physical Science Quiz Correction Expectations

You must complete all of the following on a sheet of paper to qualify for the higher grade. Corrections that do not meet these requirements will not be accepted.

Ø Rewrite all the questions that you answered incorrectly and then write the correct answer.  Answers must be in complete sentences that show understanding, not just correction.  State why the previous response was incorrect or why the correct answer is correct.

Ø It is not necessary to rewrite all the choices in a multiple choice question; you may simply rephrase the question and the answer in one complete sentence then explain why it is correct or why the other options are incorrect.  A single letter answer is not acceptable.

Ø If you did not get full credit on short or long answer questions, you must write the question, and redo the answer completely.

Ø Correction sheets must be stapled on top of the original quiz, and handed in by the end of the allotted time.  Corrections will not be accepted the next day or if the original quiz is not attached.

Ø You may use your journal, textbook, and previous work to make your corrections however, your corrected answers must be your own and cannot be plagiarized from either another student and/or any printed or online resources.