7th Grade Social Studies and 7th/8th Grade Take 3! (Language Elective) and T.W.I.G. (Geography Elective)
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               History Alive!                       The Washington Journey

Username and Password: Please use ClassLink for accessing the online 
version of the "History Alive!" textbook. If you are having difficulties at home with ClassLink, please click here:

Classlink is the best way to access the online textbooks. If it is not working for you, you may try the following:

How to set up online accounts

  1. Set up your account in TCI (the green textbook we will use for 1st and 2ndtrimesters).
    1. Go to www.teachtci.com
    2. Click on the purple “student sign in” button on the top right.                    
    3. This will take you to a page where you will enter your login information.
  • For teacher email, use: moorec@issaquah.wednet.edu
  • Use YOUR MMS student log-in +isd at the end (example: EggeDia17isd)
  • Use YOUR ISD STUDENT NUMBER + ISD (capitalized!) for your password (example:1234567ISD)
  • Click on "sign in"                
  1. Once your account is set up, write your log-in and password in your planner ON YOUR BIRTHDAY. (This way, only you know where to find it! J)


  1. Set up your Washington State Textbookonline access.
    1. Go to http://digital.gibbssmitheducation.com/Washington_Journey/
  • Student Login: isd98027
  • Password: student