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Welcome to the Maywood Art Room! I will post updates on weekly assignments and projects as well as due dates here. See below for what's happening at local museums, our class calendar, and vocabulary quiz review.

Doodle for Google entries are open Jan 6-March 13: 

Please, pay your $5 or $10 art fee as soon as possible! 

Art Club has a separate Connect Site: LINK HERE List of Activity Buses can be found HERE

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What we're up to this week...

Please sign and return your syllabus by WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 11 Lost yours? You can download and print a new one from the "Files" tab above!

This Week... January 6-10

Mixed Media - 

Notan designs will be due on Wednesday. We will move on to practicing some basic observational drawing skills. We'll have a quiz over out Notan vocab on Friday, 1/10 (review is below).

Sculpture - 

We will then plan for a larger paper sculpture of a character from a book, movie, or tv show. The sculpture needs to be at least 8" and must include a setting or an object associated with the character. We will then start with clay and our first clay project, stamps with our initials on them. 

Quiz Review

Review for Vocabulary Quizzes:

Mixed Media:

  • Balance - the arrangement of elements that makes individual parts of a composition appear equally important. An arrangement of elements to create an equal distribution of visual weight throughout the format or composition.
  • Nōtana Japanese design concept that involves the placement of light against dark in art and imagery. Nōtan is traditionally presented in cut paper, paint, and/or ink and more recently in graphic arts.
  • Contrast - a principle of design; a technique that shows differences in the elements of visual arts in an artwork, such as smooth/rough textures, light/dark colors, or thick/thin lines.
  • Space: the area above, below, around, and within an artwork. The illusion of depth or space on a flat surface, created by overlapping, relative size, and linear perspective.
  • Positive space: the actual space taken up by the line, shape, or form.
  • Negative space: the empty space surrounding a shape, figure, or form in a two- or three dimensional artwork.