Greetings Chargers!!

I hope you are staying safe and are healthy!

Continue the regular strength training below. Play outside in your yard, ride your bike, juggle a soccer ball, and shoot some baskets this week and enjoy the sunshine! Practice working on a skill that you'd like to get better at.

As always have fun with your fitness. Continue to follow our regular strength training routine and use the Maywood PE ONLINE FITNESS SHEET!

For the  PE part of your day, go to the PE Files   at the top my Connect  and download the MAYWOOD PE ONLINE FITNESS SHEET that gives you choices for the week. It is also attached to this blog entry!

Here is a daily routine that you can do each day that follows what you already know and have worked hard on this trimester! Grab your family and do them together!

Follow these steps:

1. Click this link to get the 'TABATA TIMER'.

2.Hit START and do the following exercises that follow our normal strength training routine with 2 bonus exercises.

You will do the each exercise for the 20 seconds with a 10 second rest between each one.

PUSH UPS: Concentrate on keeping your knees up and locking your hips and shoulders. Lower as low as you can so that your arms are a 90 degree angle. Use a yoga block or a shoe box or something that is around 4-5 inches high.

V-UPS: Alternate your legs, add a clap! Be sure you are lifting those shoulder blades up off the ground.

PLANK: Do you best perfect form and hold it...hips and shoulders level, arms apart, hands open

PUSH UPS:  Same as above

V-UPS:  Challenge yourself and do both legs.

MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS: Do regular or you can swing legs out for more of a challenge!

LUNGES: Alternating-You can do forward or back, but keep your hands up or on you hips and your back straight!