If you have not had a chance to log in to your WelNet account, please follow the directions below. :) On Monday, April 27, we will begin our PE Activities. 

Until then, enjoy your spring break in the sunshine! Stay active and healthy!


Mrs. Winegar

**Logging in to our WelNet / Focused Fitness Website**

STEP 1 : go to this website https://www.focusedfitness.org/

STEP 2 : at the top of the page, you will click the LOGIN arrow

STEP 3 : type your username…this is your 7-digit ISD STUDENT ID #
                                                                        (example 4309876)

STEP 4 : type your password…this your complete LAST NAME,
                    all lowercase letters         (example skywalker) 
              *if your last name is hyphenated, include the hyphen
                                                               (example knowles-carter)
              *if you have two last names with a space, include the space
                                                               (example kardashian west)

STEP 5 : You should now be logged into the WelNet Site.  Feel free to scroll down to the part that says “My History”.  If you click on the word FITNESS, you can see all your scores from previous fitness tests you’ve completed! 
  *We will eventually be working with the Behavior Logs at the top of the page.  After spring break, you will receive an assignment to keep a weekly Activity Log.  More directions to come April 20th!

If you need help logging in, please email your teacher, and be sure to include your first and last name, and what period you are in somewhere in the text of your email!