Aloha Maywood PE Students!

Welcome to WEEK 2!!!  I hope you all are doing well, and have sorted out all your logins, teacher websites, assignments, etc!  I know it's A LOT to deal with!  The PE part should be pretty easy now!


  • I’ve just checked Log #1 for all of my classes. Many of you completed your log and exercises. They were awesome! Nice Job!
  • There are still many of you who did not do your Activity Log; Please be sure to let me know through email if you need help logging on to WelNet. I’m happy to help you and get you started on this week’s Log #2.





  1. Make sure you are getting some activity (150 minutes per week; 2.5 hours), and LOG THAT ACTIVITY in your WelNet Activity Log!  I assigned Log #2 this morning, so it is live and ready for your entries!
    Grades for Log #1 will be updated in Skyward by the end of today.  If you didn't log enough hours, you didn't receive 5 out of 5.  No worries, just make sure you do enough in the coming weeks, and you will improve your grade in no time!  If you didn't turn in a log, please email me so we can help solve your problem together! **LOG #1 is now closed.


  1. PLEASE split your entries up per day of the week, and you can even split them up per activity.  Example: you can do more than one entry per day, if the exercise is vastly different (like a walk for one entry that day, then strength training for a different activity that same day). 
  2. PLEASE include in the bottom box on the left of your WelNet entry, a DESCRIPTION of what exercise you did! You shouldn't just be logging activity time without telling me what your exercise was! 

**GRADE CLARIFICATION: Students will continue to receive letter grades in PE, as in previous trimesters.



Ideas for Exercises:
- Anything at home works for us!  Football, hula hoop, trampoline, walk, bike ride, or run in your neighborhood, zoom dance or martial arts, dumbbells indoors, etc!
- Visit our MW PE YouTube page for some exercise videos including walking indoors, yoga, kickboxing, strength training, etc!:


Here are some other videos you might want to check out! 

    -Would You Rather?:



-BeachBody Kids:


 -Up to the Beat with canned food as dumbbells!:


***If you need help with logging in or how to fill out your Activity Log, visit Mrs. Winegar Connect Site: https://connect.issaquah.wednet.edu/staff/maywood/ms_winegars_site



Our PE OPTIONAL Zoom Check-Ins start this week. I will be sending out a reminder to you each morning on YOUR DAY, along with the Zoom link, in case you need it.These meetings are optional, and you can stay for as long or as short a time as you’d like. If you have another class meeting that conflicts, try to join before or after to see if we are on. 

Here is what the schedule of the week looks like so you can mark it in your planner:

Monday- Period 2 (1:00-1:45)

Tuesday- Period 3: (1:00-1:45)

Wednesday- Period 4: (1:00-1:45)

Thursday- Period 5: (1:00-1:45)

Friday- Period 6: (1:00-1:45)

I’m looking forward to seeing you!

Have a great week!

Mrs. Winegar